Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ideas to Decorate a Christmas Tree

In years past, Christmas tree ornaments were collected or made over the years and displayed on trees during the holiday season. Many times ornaments would be handmade and used every year to be passed down from generation to generation. Today the trend is toward theme trees. A certain theme is developed and appears for a year or two on a tree when another theme will be chosen for several more years. There are thousands of themes from which to pick and all make charming Christmas trees.

Color Themes
The easiest Christmas tree theme to create is a color tree. This is where everything on the tree is one color. Red trees are strung with red lights, ribbons and beads. Red ornaments or fake apples can be used and poinsettia blooms and cardinal birds can be perched on the branches. A blue tree will have blue lights and ornaments with blue garland. White trees have clear lights with pearl garland. Ornaments are white or clear glass, white satin covered or clear acrylic snowflakes.

Country Theme
Create a country tree by using rustic looking decorations. Use a red and white checkered tablecloth for the tree skirt. String popcorn and cranberries for garland. Bundle cinnamon sticks and tie with red bows to hang on branches along with gingerbread people and cookie cutters made into ornaments by poking a hole in the top and inserting a tie on which to hang them.

Victorian Theme
Instead of tinsel garland use fabric eyelet or lace to wrap and dip around the branches of the tree. Lights should be clear in order to show off the old fashion glass ornaments with intricate detail. The Victorian era was a time when ephemera, or post cards and other paper ornamentation, was popular. Purchase reproductions of Victorian post cards and cut the figures out decorating them with feathers, beads and other bobbles to hang on the tree.

Vacation Theme
Decorate the tree to reflect a family vacation. Recreate a beach vacation by trimming the tree with sea shells and string blue lights. Use pearls from oysters in the sea as garland. The tree skirt can be made from several grass skirts.

Family Theme
Every person in the family should pick a favorite ornament and place it on a family tree. They should also make several ornaments and these will grow year after year. Place photos of family in tiny frames made with toothpicks or craft sticks to hang on the tree as well.

Unique Themes
Decorate a tree with just candy or place family collections of teddy bears, butterflies, dolls or tiny cars on the branches. Sports items make a good theme or anything else your family loves.


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