Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Window Display Ideas

For most store owners, attractive window displays that capture customers attention are essential for holiday sales success. A creative window draws the eye and urges customers to step inside the shop. Not only shops but homes and offices also dress up the front windows for added flair during the holiday season. Use your creativity and step out of the box to come up with a successful window display that makes your window stand out.

Religious Display

Select a religious theme for the window display in accordance to the items you sell and your customer base. Depict the religious scene that celebrates the birth of Christ. Use props positioned appropriately so that the scene tells the story on its own. If your customers include Jews or African-Americans, include a note of their religious holidays that fall near Christmas. Include a dreidel to impress Jews, or string black, green and red lights or crepe paper near the sides of the windows to celebrate the African American holiday of Kwanzaa.

Traditional Display

Celebrate your holiday window in a traditional scene that depicts Santa Claus, his sleigh, reindeer, elves making toys and the spirit of gift giving. Add a comical note to the display with a scene of Santa or a reindeer fanning himself on a beach chair if you live in Miami to capture attention. Alternatively, consider a scene with dangling snowflakes from the ceiling and eager children watching the first snowfall if it snows in your area. The idea is to use your imagination and make passersby think.

Modern Display

Create a generic snow scene that is not limited to Christmas but extends from November to January, such as a winter wonderland. Use lots of props such as mannequins, snow, sledges, gifts, a Christmas tree and a snowman to depict the scene you have in mind. A generic display is a great option for store or homeowners who don't want to change the entire display once the season is over. Simple touches such as replacing the Christmas colored scarf from the snowman with a less holiday-oriented one and removing gifts from the sled prolong the display well into the beginning of the following year.

Decorative Accents

Whatever your theme, incorporate items in your window display that symbolize the holiday season such as lengths of twinkling lights suspended from the ceiling; tufts of snow or snowflakes suspended with fishing line; potted poinsettia plants, wreaths or garlands; candelabras with tall green, red or white candles; paper reindeer; candy canes; Christmas trees and other decorative accents. These items liven up the display, fill up empty space, add color wherever needed and enhance interest at varying eye levels.


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