Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Decorating a bathroom can be as simple as putting up a new shower curtain or as complicated as a complete renovation. No matter how in-depth your bathroom redecorating project will be, it is an excellent time to give the bathroom a good scrubbing, clean out the medicine cabinet and replace worn-out towels.
Luckily, the bathroom is the smallest room in most houses, so decorating it is a quick weekend project that can yield results you can enjoy immediately.

Colors and Paint

Choose a bright, cheerful color of paint for the bathroom, as it will reflect light better, making it easier to see when shaving or putting on makeup. This is especially important if the bathroom has no natural light.
Choose a color for the trim that matches the shade of white of the tub and toilet. This will bring the room together and make it look planned and finished.
Ask for paint designed specifically for bathrooms, which is formulated to stand up to moisture and is less likely to grow mold or begin to peel.

Storage Solutions

Never store cleaning or styling products in the cabinets under the sink if there are children in the house. Instead, use this space for towels and wash cloths and move products a child could swallow somewhere else.
Installing a small shelf above the sink creates extra space for things that need to be kept nearby, such as razors and toothbrushes. This trick is useful if the bathroom has little counter space.
Look for storage baskets that fit on the back of or on the floor next to the toilet to store smaller items, such as an extra roll of toilet paper and magazines.
Consider installing another shelf and lining it with small baskets to store lotions, hairbrushes and other odds and ends, organizing them by category or by family member. This will reduce bathroom clutter and improve the look of the space.

Shower Curtains and Details

Choose any shower curtain that makes you smile, as a change in the shower curtain makes the entire bathroom look new. In fact, it is a particularly good option if you can't afford to completely redecorate the bathroom.
Hang framed art on the walls, choosing a theme that matches the styles and colors of your bathroom.
Changing the hardware also gives the room an immediate face-lift, so find new doorknobs, towel racks and cabinet handles.
This is also a good time to make sure that everything in the room is baby-proof. Put child-safety locks on the cabinets and install child-safe electrical outlets.


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