Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Card Crafts for Kids

There are many great ideas you can explore in order to help kids create their own Christmas cards, drawing from a variety of different types of craft materials. Developing personalized Christmas cards for classmates, family or a teacher can be a wonderful craft project for children to delve into on a snowy day in preparation for the Christmas holiday. You will need to buy the materials you'll need from a craft store or a retail chain that carries these types of supplies such as Walmart.

Use Paint

Consider making use of a graphics program like Paint, which normally comes with Microsoft Windows, to create a design for your card. By using a program like Paint to create a card, it can have the added benefit of getting children interested in using the computer. This program is truly user friendly, and kids can use it to create Christmas design by utilizing the tools in the toolbar. Once the child creates a design, you can print out the image on card stock. Now, the child can add various materials to the card, like glitter or cotton balls for snow or Santa's beard. She can then sign a personalized message to complete her Christmas card.

Giant Christmas Card

Creating a giant Christmas card that various children in a family (or a classroom) work on can make for a wonderful Christmas card project, especially as a surprise for a teacher or even a mother or grandmother. If you choose to pursue this type of design, it can help to section off areas for each child to work on before you begin. Or, you may want to assign certain elements of the design to each child; for example, one child might be responsible for designing the border on the card. Another can create the snow, reindeer, etc. This can help to prevent disagreements from popping up.

Homemade Cards

Another approach that kids can take to create Christmas cards is to use construction paper and various craft materials to make a homemade, handcrafted card that the recipient will cherish. Children love working with their hands, and they particularly enjoy creating crafts with a parent or with other kids. You can purchase an array of different types of craft materials either from a craft store or a retailer that sells these products. It is usually a good idea to buy various types of items from cotton balls, glitter and glue to crayons, markers and paint. Remember to select materials that are non-toxic and that are easy to clean up after you complete your Christmas card creation project.


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