Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Avoid Frustration And Select Sofa Bed

Do you know the #1 reason people like you can’t seem to find the right sofa bed? Read on and you’ll be amazed what the answer is. A sofa bed, also called a sleeper sofa or hide-a-bed, is a sofa with a bed built into it. The bed in a sofa bed is mechanically engineered to fold into and out of the base of the sofa to transform the modular sofa from a couch into a bed. This dual purpose piece of furniture provides a great alternative to a guest room by allowing the family or living room where a sofa bed is used to turn into a place for overnight guests to stay. If you’re struggling with limited space or just want a convenient seating and sleeping option for your guest room, living room or bedroom consider a sofa sleeper bed. Sofa beds are ideal for saving space because they fold up into the size of a sofa when not being used as a bed.

You can buy sofa beds in a wide range of price bands, right from the most basic functional design to top of the range contemporary leather models, depending on your budget. From traditional styles to very modern designs and with so many designs and fabrics to choose from, you can easily find a perfect piece of furniture for your home. Let us know more about a sofa bed, how to choose one and the advantages of using it.
While buying the sofa bed, certain factors need to be borne in mind. The first and foremost aspect on which you have to give due consideration is the fact that who is going to use it, a single individual or a couple. In addition, there arises a need to pay attention to the size of the bedroom. Both the factors will have a bearing on the size of the sofa bed. Accordingly, you need to make the right selection. No doubt sofa beds are often used in small rooms, but before buying it; make sure that it will be possible to open the door of the room, when the bed is open.

The humble sofa bed provides a simple means of making an extra bed available at short notice. Sofa bed is one of the most popular forms of space saving beds in the market today and fits nearly anywhere in your home, without taking up an excessive amount of space. Apart from looking nice, it is very comfortable, and takes away the concern of storage making your guests stay much more enjoyable.
Sofa sleeper beds are perfect for kid’s rooms because folding the bed up means more play space and seating during the day. These days, there are all kinds of sofa beds from which you can choose. As you’ll see when shopping, they range from affordable to expensive. Sofa bed is a convertible multi-functional piece of furniture. It can be used as a seat during the day and converted into a bed at night. The three most important attractions of the sleeper sofa bed are 3S that are sitting, storing and sleeping. It is like buying a couch, bed, and cupboard, for the cost of one piece of furniture. In case you do not have a guest room, a sofa bed in the drawing room will provide the perfect accommodation to your guests.

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