Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Pasteboard for your Kids

Does not your son stop doing on the furniture? Since we offer you a practical and very entertaining help, in addition to enough economic, something that in these moments comes to us very well.

It is a question of a design of UrbanBaby, called desk Benz, an on-line shop where you can find numerous pasteboard furniture recycled with that to be able to decorate the room of the child of the house for very little money (approximately 52 euros).

Also the lid of the desk gets up, and in the low part it has what forms a small trunk, as what the desk has space of additional storage in which you will be able to keep his colors, sheets of paper...
On the other hand, since I have to comment to you on technical characteristics that the furniture, on having been thought for children, it expires with all the necessary requisites, like not poisonous treatments, soft corners, agility, etc.

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