Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tips to Brick an Interior Wall

You don't have to settle for boring wallpaper or paint. Instead, cover a wall with brick. Hanging brick might sound difficult, but products like brick tile and brick veneer make it easy to apply a treatment that resembles bricks.

1. Create a guide on your wall with chalk to indicate where every second or third row of brick should start. This will keep your tiles even and level. Measure 2-1/4 inch for each row, adding 3/8 inch for the grout. Do this every second or third row. Mark the lines on the wall with a pencil.

2. Apply thin set to the wall with a notch trowel. Work in 4- to 6-foot sections at one time so the thin set won't dry too quickly. Choose thin set that is the consistency of toothpaste. A runny mixture will cause the tiles to slip.

3. Cut tile pieces for the edges using a tile cutter. Simple, manual tile cutters are available at most home improvement stores. If you are working with a large area and will be making lots of cuts, rent a wet saw. Check the first course of brick with a level.

4. Set the second course of bricks using the same method used to apply the first. Offset the bricks so that the midpoint of each brick lines up with the seam of the bricks above it. Use spacers to keep the bricks evenly spaced, leaving 3/8 of an inch for grout. Continue this process until your wall is completely covered. Allow the thin set to dry overnight.

5. Fill the grout lines with sanded tile grout. Choose a color of grout that closely resembles mortar. Work the grout between the bricks with a pointed trowel. This will reduce the amount of grout that you will need to clean off of the face of each brick.

6. Clean the grout from the surface of the tiles with a sponge and water. Wipe away all grout from the bricks. Clean the sponge and water often. Allow the grout to dry completely.

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