Thursday, April 15, 2010

Modern Black Bathroom Cabinets

If pink, red and other bright colors aren’t your favorite ones in interior design and you prefer more sober and even monochrome look then stylish bathroom furniture from Max collection by Novello could help you to create a bathroom of your dreams. Black furniture with black wash basin looks amazing and could decorate any modern bathroom design. The original curved shape of cabinets adds the stunning effect to the set and distinguishes it from other contemporary bathroom sets. Smooth lines make the furniture more refine and adaptable to all interior styles. This bathroom furniture is versatile, functional and in spite of the unusual cabinet shape gives a lot of storage space. All items of the set, such as a hanging wash-basin cabinet and a hanging column, are available in different sizes. If you like the design but don’t like the dark color then you could choose another finish, which is also available.


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