Monday, April 19, 2010

Tips to Install Hanging Mirror on the Door

A mirror is a necessity in any home whether it be in the bedroom, bathroom or other location. For those who are short on wall space, hanging a mirror on a door is an effective solution. Installing a hanging mirror on a door is not always as easy as it may appear at first. Proper mounting techniques secure the mirror firmly so that jarring and normal house vibrations will not dislodge it. If not mounted properly, the mirror will fall and possibly shatter into sharp pieces.
1. Place a level on the door at the location where the top of the mirror will be placed. Draw a straight line across the door using a pencil.
2. Ask another person to hold the mirror up to the door so that the top of the mirror is perfectly aligned with the pencil line. Outline the other sides of the mirror using the pencil. Set the mirror in a safe location.
3. Make two pencil marks on the upper left corner of the mirror outline where the clips will be located. The first mark should be approximately 2 inches from the corner on top of the mirror, and the second mark should be 2 inches from the corner along the side of the mirror. Repeat the marking procedure so that each mirror corner has pencil marks on either side of it. There will be eight pencil marks in all.
4. Place one plastic clip at the left bottom pencil mark so that the straight edge is positioned upwards toward where the mirror will be. Insert the screw, provided with the clip, into the top of the clip and secure it in place with a screwdriver. Repeat the process to install a clip at the bottom right pencil mark.
5. Pick up the mirror and carefully slide it into the free edges of the two bottom clips so that it rests on them.
6. Ask another person to hold the mirror securely to the door while you install the remaining clips in the marked locations.


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