Monday, December 6, 2010

Find Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

When you're trying to plan a frugal Christmas, finding cheap Christmas gift ideas is very important. Luckily, with a little advance planning, it's possible to have a great Christmas without going into debt.

1. Give handmade gifts. Knitted hats, crocheted blankets, beaded bracelets, personalized scrapbooks, or handmade candles make very special Christmas gifts. If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, a plate of cookies and a collection of your favorite recipes is a good idea to consider as well.

2. Offer up a service, such as free housecleaning, lawn mowing, or car washing. This is an especially good idea for senior citizens, who really don't need anymore knick knacks to dust. Just keep in mind that you need to follow through with your promise to make this a good gift.

3. Encourage creativity by giving children crayons, markers, stickers, coloring books, and sketch pads purchased from your local dollar store. These items can also be purchased very cheaply during the "back to school" sales in July and August if you remember to plan ahead.

4. Consider giving a "secondhand rose." Although it's commonly believed that all Christmas gifts must be purchased brand new, gently used items can be excellent presents. For example, used bookstores are a great source of Christmas presents for avid readers. Stores that sell used DVDs and video games can also be good resources for the teens on your holiday shopping list.

5. Buy "joint" gifts. For example, instead of buying separate presents for your brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew, you could buy a family board game for all of them to enjoy together.

6. Look for experiences to share. If you normally exchange gifts with all of your friends, see if they would be willing to go to a play together or check out a new restaurant in lieu of the gift exchange. In addition to saving money, you'll have fewer people to shop for and fun memories to share!


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