Monday, December 20, 2010

Wrap Gifts Creatively

Though the gift is the important part of any occasion, don't be tempted just to throw it in a bag with a name on it. Try to be creative and give them a package that will make them smile before they even know what is inside.

1. Use baubles and gadgets. For baby gifts, little pacifiers and baby spoons are adorable tied on with ribbon. For adults, you can tie earrings, tie clips, or funny little gadgets to the gift. At Christmas, you can tie ornaments and holly to the gift for a festive look.

2. Try a different box. Use a photo box or hat box as a gift container. These will give you room to play around with stuffing and ribbons to surround your gift.

3. Use something new to wrap the gift. Try cloth, brown paper, newspaper, or pictures printed on plain paper. Beginning with a fun back ground, you can spruce the package up with ribbon or glitter.

4. Create with your kids. A child's birthday party can be just as fun for the ones giving presents, as the one receiving them. Play around with different papers, glitters, glues and rhinestones. Your child will be proud to give a gift that they helped wrap and decorate.

5. Try money. For college and high school kids, the best bet may be money. Even if you are giving them socks and underwear, out of necessity, if you tie a twenty dollar bill to the outside of the package, they will be more than happy to accept the gift.

6. Wrap gifts together. If you can wrap different boxes separately, and then stack them and tie them with ribbon in a nice tiered shape, it is perfect for a wedding or holiday gift.


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