Monday, February 28, 2011

Tips to Decorate Kitchen in Apartment

The key to successfully decorating a kitchen in a studio apartment is to create a space that flows with the rest of the room, rather than one that tries to separate itself from the apartment. Decorating small spaces can be a challenging prospect for any resident. Focus on scale, color and storage in the kitchen space to achieve a cohesive look.
Studio apartments, by nature, are small spaces, while most kitchens tend to hold a lot of things, from food to kitchen gadgets. Kitchen furniture, like dining tables, chairs and storage units, tend to be large. A smaller round table with chairs that tuck easily underneath will be less jarring in the space than a full-size dining set, according to the Oh My Apartment section of the Apartment Ratings website. Keep accessories on top of counters on the smaller side to prevent the space from appearing cluttered.
Color can add personality to a studio apartment kitchen and prevent it from looking too utilitarian. Base the kitchen's color scheme on colors from other accessories in the apartment, such as a large piece of art or decorative curtains the living area. Choose table linens, dishes and storage containers in these colors. Stick to bright and light colors, which will infuse energy into the kitchen space. Colors like yellow, bright blues, orange and red make the space feel happy. Dark colors and furniture may make the space feel smaller.
Hang a mirror in the dining area to help the kitchen appear larger, suggests House Beautiful. Mirrors reflect light, giving the room a feeling of added space. Mirrors, especially those with ornate frames, also add a decorative touch to the room. Avoid hanging mirrors with heavy, dark frames.
Vertical Storage
Storage is a major issue in studio apartments, especially in the kitchen, so maximize your vertical space. If kitchen cabinets do not reach the ceiling, use the space above the kitchen cabinets as storage, adding wine bottles, serving dishes and colorful containers. Choose items that are pretty and appropriate to be put on display. Also consider converting a small area into a pantry or adding shelving in a nearby hallway. Suspend a pot rack from the ceiling for your cookware.
Unexpected Storage
Use other areas in your studio apartment for creative kitchen storage. The experts at This Old House recommend adding wine racks below a coffee table, for example. Use a bookshelf as a false wall to separate the kitchen space from the rest of the room and serve as a storage unit for cookbooks, dishes, glasses and even pots of home-grown herbs.


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